Girl Power

June 6th, 2013

When we see our cell phone batteries constantly running low, most of us just groan at the need to re-charge it — yet again. Ugh.

One 18-year old, on the other hand, quit complaining … and did something about it. Now it’s earning her a alot of attention and accolades.

Eesha Khare — who’s just finishing high school in Saratoga, California — invented a way to recharge cell phone batteries — pretty much instantly!

Actually, it would take about 20-30 seconds. Right now, it takes hours.

She’s found a way to store a lot more energy than usual, into a smaller space than usual — which can then be transferred to power a phone much faster and longer than before.  It could work on other things, too, like car batteries.

Her invention hasn’t been fully developed yet, but for now she’s been able to light up a small LED light bulb to show her idea works. It’s an incredible way to use science (chemistry, in this case) to solve an every day problem.

It also earned her an Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, last month, and $50,000 with it! She beat out 1,600 other applicants from around the world. Many companies are reportedly interested in her. She’ll be studying at Harvard University in the Fall. And NBC Nightly News profiled her in their broadcast last night, (only her story is in the clip below, and sorry for the ad, it comes from NBC’s video):

What every day problem would you want to solve? And how?


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