So, is anyone else besides the cable news junkies of our land, planning to watch the State of the Union address? I loved one headline I saw that called the State of the Union, “the Super Bowl for Political Nerds.” Okay, but you don’t have to label us :)

Early buzz is there will be lots of talk about common ground and the middle class, raising taxes and gun control. 

Personally, I like the article I just read about how important it is to get an aisle seat, for that shot of whispering something in the President’s ear that will make him pause and maybe, laugh, even though you may be miles apart politically. I was a little concerned when I read that only two Republicans have aisle seats this year.  I guess they never said bi-partisanship means sharing your face time. But, it would have sent a powerful message if some of the President’s biggest critics were given this opportunity to join forces as we try to move towards more party neutral solutions. 

I read yesterday that while the Constitution requires the President to give Congress a report on the State of the Union, he is not required to personally address Congress. He could send a delegate or just distribute a report. Or, text a link or post it directly to the Internet.

But given the pop, not only the President can get from all that glad handling on his way to the podium, if the State of the Union teaches us anything, it is that there are some things technology will never replace.