Okay, if you didn’t see Mitt Romney on Letterman, you have to check it out by clicking on this link.  Top Ten things Romney would like the American public to know about him.  I told you he was funny. And smart. Like when he used the line, “politics of envy,” to hedge the anti-Bain Capital ads Newt Gingrich’s super PAC is planning to launch in South Carolina. Why wouldn’t we want Romney to do for our country what he did at Bain Capital? He created wealth. Again, I do wish he was pro-choice but none of the Republican candidates are and this time, we need a pro-business, small government guy in the White House. None of us can afford to be single issue voters, unless that issue is righting the sinking ship of our bloated government. I just hope Jon Huntsman doesn’t get silly by running his own attack ads in South Carolina against Romney. Because Huntsman and Romney have more in common than not. And they should both refrain from attacking each other and let Newt Gingrich, who does have good ideas and did do an amazing job building a coalition when he was Speaker, but has not only had 3 wives but 3 religions, play ugly.

Will there be a Mormon factor in South Carolina?