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The Wake Up Call on Obamacare

According to Kaiser, health care spending continues to be lower than it has been in years. The question is why? Maybe it's because in a tight economy, Americans hold fast to their dollars, including their healthcare dollars. But maybe it is the sense that Americans may be shouldering more of [...]

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Life in the fast lane

Look around and what do you see? Most Moms just catching their breath now that the kids are launched back in school. Getting used to their Fall routines and trying to find time to start working out and working again. So how does all of that impact the female voter? [...]

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The Lessons of Super Tuesday

This is an article I wrote for my blog on Stir as part of the Moms Matter initiative I am taking part in... What are the lessons of Super Tuesday? I’m a newcomer to all this myself but it seems to me, it’s a little bit like a pit [...]

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It’s all about jobs

Jobs, jobs, jobs ... really job creation is all Americans want to hear from their politicians.  According to the latest polls,  Americans are the most pessimistic they've ever been.  Jon Huntsman published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal blaming Obama for adding "zero jobs to the economy" in [...]

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