So, my daughter has a friend over and they are in the kitchen whipping something up. I have no idea what but I am pretty sure I just heard a blender or mixer whirring in there. I think I made Mississippi Mud brownies three different times for she and her friends in the last week. (Proud to say I did not have a single one!) That got me googling healthy teenage food. And I landed on a site where teens say what they like best. It’s called Teen Ink. Here are a couple of sample “menus” that the kids like. I cracked up. Jess from Gap, PA likes ‘Welshwarbit.” A sophisticated Nina from Tularosa, NM likes Schnitzel and Goulash. Cierra from Fall City, WA likes lemon cheesecake, regular cheeseake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and confetti cake with confetti frosting. Ann likes fruit, burritos and gum but wants to know if gum counts as a food. Sheri is representing her home state of LA since her favorite, crawfish, is not just yummy but local.